' Finnriver: Orchard Series Ciders

Orchard Series Ciders

Ciders that focus on Finnriver’s estate-grown, organic cider apples or cider pears harvested from both our orchard & our network of small regional orchard allies.  

A delectable aroma of sweet citrus and classic apple. Flavors range from tangerine to floral tartness with a gently tannic finish and slight bittersweet sparkle that leaves your palate clean and refreshed. This cider is a slowly fermented blend of classic russeted apples, grown in the Finnriver orchard and sourced around the region. The blend of high acid cider fruit with the gentle bittersweet tannin profile offers a thoughtful combination with layered complexity in the mouth.  A lovely cider to balance spicy foods like jambalaya or Thai noodles.

Sweetness: Demi-sec/off dry

Alcohol Percentage: 8.5% abv

Bottle Volume: 750 ml.

$22.99 per Bottle
$137.94 per Case