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Special Release Ciders & Wines

Handcrafted in the labor-intensive methode champenoise from organic Washington dessert apples. This crisp, elegant cider offers an effervescent apple bouquet, tart elements of the orchard and a crisp finish. This cider is fermented first in the tank and then undergoes a secondary fermentation in the bottles, after which they are placed inverted in traditional, angled wooden racks for ‘riddling,’a process that clears the cider of residual yeast. Each bottle is turned individually, lightly shaken, and repositioned every day until the sediment forms a plug resting against the cap. To disgorge, the bottles are chilled, the caps removed and the sediment that has settled in the cap is forced out by the pressure within the bottle.

Makes an elegant apéritif before a meal and a refreshing palate cleanser; lovely with seafood and sharp cheeses.

Sweetness: Brut

Alcohol Percentage: 8% abv

Bottle Volume: 375 ml.

$12.99 per Bottle
Please note: The minimum order quantity for this item is 1.

Bright and clear, with a beautiful amber color and a rich range of aromas that varies depending on the soil, the tannin content, the age of the product, and the barrels it ages in.  Pommeau gives off subtle flavors of stewed fruit, dried fruit, prunes or even honey & cacao. Our 100 proof apple brandy is first aged for two months in American oak.  The apple harvest comes in and fresh juice is then blended with the brandy in the barrel.  The 20% abv mixture continues to mature in the barrel to a point of woody balance.  Removed from the oak, the young Pommeau is left to mellow in stainless steel for two years, then we balance and refine just prior to bottling.  

Drink Pommeau at 50 degrees F to fully enjoy its roundness, lightness and authenticity.  Pommeau is perfect as an aperitif and pairs well with pate, blue cheese, apple desserts and melon.

Sweetness: 13% brix

Alcohol Percentage: 18.5% abv

Bottle Volume: 500ml

$39.99 per Bottle
Due to the limited availability of this item, the maximum order quantity is 6.