Blue Hewe

The two components of this cider, blueberry and apple, ferment in tandem but apart. Finnriver farm organic blueberries are mashed and fermented slowly in batches as the harvest rolls in through August. The Hewes Virginia Crab (HVC) apples and the Williams Pride are our earliest harvest from the Finnriver orchard and together they create balance. HVC with enamel-ripping acidity and mouth puckering bitterness toned down and rounded by the aromatic and simply apple of the William’s Pride. Together they find peace in a neutral oak barrel to extract gentle, body-building tannins. A fresh burst of barrel-aged Newtown Pippin cider completes the blend.  Sweet enough to hold up to a variety of saucy foods, while tannic and bitter enough to balance lighter fare.

Sweetness: S.G. 1.006 Off dry, fruit forward but not a sweet drinker

Alcohol Percentage: 8% abv

Bottle Volume: 750ml

$22.99 per Bottle
Size 750 ml